Today in the city Oregon 22.08.2017
Two Minutes of Total Solar Eclipse in John Day, Oregon

Some 600 people watched the eclipse in a field in eastern Oregon. And photographer Brian Guido watched them.

How One Startup Raised 10 Times Its Original Crowdfunding Goal

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign isn't easy. Here's how Origami Labs not only did it--but exceeded its goal by 10 times.

Total Solar Eclipse Travels From Oregon To South Carolina

From coast to coast, a total solar eclipse crossed the United States on Monday. Fourteen states were in the path of total darkness, while a partial eclipse was visible in other parts of the country.

The 2017 solar eclipse is finally here

The first pass of the Great American Eclipse occurred over Oregon. As the moon passed over the sun, it cast a shadow over the state that lasted more than two minutes.  Read more...More about Mash...

30,000 people are descending on Oregon for a festival that's like Burning Man for eclipse-chasers — here are the photos

The total solar eclipse has earned its own Burning Man-like festival. About 30,000 eclipse-chasers descended on Big Summit Prairie, Oregon, this week to camp, dance, and make cosmic connections at the...

Blue Skies With Chance of Dark: US West Readies for Eclipse

With just hours to go before a total solar eclipse would reach the Oregon coast, people were streaming into the fairgrounds in Salem, Oregon to view the spectacle on Monday morning.

Oregon Eye Doctor Busted for Satanic MK Ultra Activities

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